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HDMI Connection Question

06-01-2007, 09:58 PM
I recently bought an Onkyo HT-s907 home theater system and a Sharp DT-500 HD DLP projector. I used an HDMI cable to connect the DVD to the receiver and an HDMI from the receiver to the projector. I am able to view DVD movies fine. The problem I am having is that I can't get video or audio when I try to connect my Verizon FIOS (by Motorola) cable set top box to the receiver. The box does not have an HDMI port on the back so I am using a digital coaxial and composite video cables. Do I need to have an HD box with an HDMI port to successfully view cable TV since I am using an HDMI from the receiver to the projector or can I use other cables (i.e. digital coaxial and composite video)? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

06-05-2007, 11:09 AM
I learned that the Onkyo receiver does not have a video up conversion so an HDMI connection must be used from the cable set top box to the receiver and I picked one up at lunch today so I should be ready to watch cable TV tonight!:yippee:

06-05-2007, 11:21 AM
I do believe the S907 does do video up conversion (composite/S-video), but only through component out and not HDMI. Are you connecting your FIOS box via composite (yellow) or component (red,green and blue). You posted composite, but just seeing if you ment component. If not and your box has component video out, I would definately use that if you subscribe to HD FIOS, since composite will NOT support HD.

11-14-2007, 03:34 PM
if ur cable box does not support HD, why bother to use HDMI?
when your source can only output 480p the most, using HDMI cable wont do any good to the video quality.

so, u might want to upgrade ur cable box, FIRST.