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Hitachi To Sell 85" Plasma HDTV

04-20-2007, 06:45 PM
Hitachi Ltd. announced Wednesday (April 18) that it aims to increase its global market share for large-sized plasma display panel TVs with the addition of an 85-inch model to its line.
"As the number of PDP players is limited, we can expect a big market opportunity," said Makoto Ebata, president and CEO of the Hitachi consumer business group. Hitachi aims to achieve a 20 percent share of the market in fiscal 2010. And in the 50-inch-plus category, the company is aiming for a 30 percent share.

Hitachi expects that the world PDP TV market will more than double, from 9.3 million units in fiscal 2006, which ended last month, to 20 million units in fiscal 2010 ending March 2011. The liquid-crystal display TV market, however, will grow much larger, from 28.5 million units to 110 million units during the same period, according to Hitachi.

Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Ltd. (FHP), Hitachi's PDP production subsidiary, started its third fab last December.

"Before the start of the third plant, the maximum capacity was 1.2 million units per year," said Ebata. But even at full capacity, the output was not enough to enable the company to reach a breakeven point, he said. "With the start of the third plant, the total capacity is 2 million units a year at present. That capacity level yields profit."

Hitachi's TV business had been in the red in the first three quarters of the last fiscal year. Only in the fourth quarter, which ended in March, did it end up in the black.

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