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Rca Hd56w58

01-18-2005, 01:01 PM
I am a couple of weeks away from buying my first HDTV and will buy either the Sony KP51WS520 or the Hitachi 51F510. Well, at lunch I walk into my local Sam's Club and see this RCA (HD56W58) RP CRT (w/tuner) for $1499.00. Having never noticed this set before, I came back to work and searched online for this tv. The spec sheet compares with the tv's I have been looking at, with the exception of the added tuner and cable card slot. RCA's website has a MSRP of $2499.00 and the cheapest that I have found anywhere online is $1899.00. I have never given RCA much thought while researching for my upcoming purchase. However, I'm at least a little intriqued by it.

Does anyone know anything about this tv? Also, I have always considered RCA a little lower on the quality scale when compared to some others (Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc...). Is this fair?

I would appreciate any input.


01-18-2005, 02:04 PM
I recently bought a GE 52" TV from Best Buy for less than 1K. I learned that RCA and GE ar made by Thompson so are very similiar. The RCA had more hidef component options but also had a shiney screen protecter that I didnt like. I ended up going the cheap route for 2 reasons.
1. I was overwhelmed by the number of technologies, DLP, LCOS, LCD, all expensive, all with issues, (bulb life, "rainbow", gray blacks) and all will be coming down in price soon.

2. The GE has as good or better picture than any in the store.

Reliability is a big concern, but after 2 months, all is well and I am considering an extended warranty for around $200 for 4 years.

Be sure to look at Standard Broadcast on any TV you buy - you will be watching more of that than HI Def

Good luck