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hdmi/dvi interface w/ panny th42pwd7uy

01-14-2005, 11:19 PM
:D Am taking the plasma plunge this weekend, am buying the pannie th42 pwd. will have following connections: cable box (champion); dvd-vcr combo (toshiba sdu-592); pannie sa-xr705 receiver.

Question: Visual Apex (VA)wants $145 for the hdmi/dvi card. Will I need this?
The toshiba dvd/vcr combo has a hdmi out. Will i need the hdmi/dv card?

I got this quote from customer at VA, and have read about this elsewhere.

"Everything worked except my VCR which is plugged into the AV Video IN on the board Slot 2. My Dish Network PVR is plugged into the S-Video In which is also on the board in Slot 2. My DVD is plugged into the Component In on the board in Slot 3. My VCR would only work if I unplugged the S-Video cable from the monitor. I even tried routing the signals through my receiver and switching back and forth, but it would only work when the cable was physically unplugged. I could not find any setting in the menu to change this.

I don't even want to have to plug/unplug. will i have this problem using the components? :confused:

01-15-2005, 08:31 AM
I'm not sure, but it is recommended to use DVI/HDMI connections if possible. You will need a cable also.

Where the person you quoted went wrong is thinking the s-video and the composite video (AV video in) were separate inputs. Most of the time they supply s-video and composite video inputs in a paired input where you either use one or the other, but not both.

01-15-2005, 08:38 AM
If you have a slot example slot two that has s-video and a/v plug you can only use either or not both. Your conponent will be a separate input should have no problem. What is slot 1?

01-16-2005, 01:50 PM
:D I think my grin at this point is even bigger! thanks for the feedback rbinck and martin1. I thought the same, if i can use the dvi w/ the toshiba, I would use it, but what slot do I use for the hdmi/dvi?the panny online bouchere looks like it has only 3 slots and I am a little confused at this point.

Re the slot id, martin1, the panny comes w/ 3 slots from what i can tell. the panny brouchere on line says 2 slots are configured as follows:
slot: audio in (video), s video in, composite video in/out
slot: component video/rgb input&audio out
fixed terminal: pc input, audio pc, serial in (rs232c)

I am not sure if these comprise the "3" slots or if 1 more slot is available and this is where you can place the optional hdmi/dvi? am buying online so I haven' even seen one other than a pic on line...

I think this is just 1 set up example in the brouchere, you can config anyway you want. That's why the hdmi/dvi card is an "option" i was going to buy....

now that you asked, how would you config knowing you can set up the 3 slots anyway you want given the components I want to use??? :rolleyes:

If the unit comes w/ pc "fixed" connection I would use this ( any suggestions here re serial cabel and how far it can run from panny to pc?). better yet, I just found in the brouchere that the panny comes w/ a wireless card (tyfb7wpu) that you can buy as an "option" and this mounts in slot 1 (begining to sound like a car). My guess is you can nix the fixed pc confg above for the wireless, which is slot 1, slot 2 is the hdmi, what about slot 3, what am i missing here?)

Thanks, any and all input is appreciated re configuration.

re: Mounting. I want to mount over fireplace, am very worried about heat/smoke emissions. how much impact will this have, b/c we really do use the fireplace for "asthetics" only (so.cal. its now 75degrees today).
thanks :D

01-16-2005, 03:11 PM
adding to my previous post, I think I have the 3 slots figured out. you can order the panny anyway you want. this is what i am thinking,

slot 1: you can order a wisted pair cable receiver board. it says you can connnect cat5 cable right to it. can i connect my cable box directly to this? it says you can send video (rgb, component,composite, all simultaneously), audo and PDP (?) control signal.
slot 2: hdmi/dvi connection (dvd)
slot 3: wireless connection for pc.

thanks for any input :D