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Antenna & Cable on Seperate Inputs Mitsubishi 52725

01-09-2005, 10:26 PM

Heres the deal. (I'm a newbie, so be gentle)

I have a Mitsubishi 52725 DLP, I have Mediacom Family (Channels 2-73). I have a Winegard MS-2000 that I receive HD OTA with.

My problem is, anytime I want to switch, I have to switch the COAX, and have the TV re-memorize the channels available.

The manual says:

"ANT-1 MAIN and ANT-2 AUX can each receive both digital and analog over-the-air channels from a VHF/UHF antenna or non-scrambled digital/analog cable channels.
Your primary viewing signal source should be connected to ANT-1 MAIN. ANT-1 MAIN must be used to view premium subscription cable TV service authorized by the CableCARDô access card. The CableCARD access card is provided by your local cable company. ANT-2 AUX can continue to receive over-the-air or non-scrambled cable signals."

But when I go into the Menu under Antenna, I only see 1 Antenna, and don't have the option to select number 2 (even if I have both "live").

Any suggestions?

01-10-2005, 11:10 AM
If I understand your setup: you have two Antennas, one for Ant1, and Ant2, and when you press your 'DEVICE' button you only see ANT1 - Correct? If so read page 37-38 Net-command initial setup. do a review of the devices and you should see ANT2 not having a check mark, scroll down and put a check mark on it. you will not see it when you press the 'Device' button.