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couple questions i need answered please.

01-25-2007, 04:57 PM
i own a kdsr50xbr1 and ever since i had my o.b. replaced the picture hasnt been the same. there is some motion blurring that doesnt seem to show up at any particular time and now when i throw a 1920x1080 test pattern up the picture doesnt display all the lines and favors to the right of the screen. even then the tip of the arrow doesnt show the full tip never mind the opposite side not having the head of the arrow at all.

my question is what is a good test on DVE to show im having motion blurring? please include the exact test name and what im looking for (because im a total numbskull and dont know much about test patterns yet) i tried to show the tech while he was here but of course the tv didnt show any then. any other advise would be appreciated.

thank you in advance.