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Boston market HD locals-issues??

01-16-2007, 04:57 PM
Anyone having any NEW issues with pixilization/blocking/dropouts on their HD locals?

I have had quite a few for the last few days. At first I thought it might be weather related (dense fog/drizzle) on Cape Cod over the weekend. Prior to that I had not expirienced any significant viewing problems for several months.

But, after the cold front came throgh this afternoon the skies cleared, for the most part, and conditions should have been good for viewing. Unfortunately, the issues continued when the weather cleared.:(

It was bad enough on Sunday to cause the "call 771 for service" type message to be displayed momentarily.

Had to watch the NFL in SD.:mad:

01-16-2007, 05:05 PM
I get this alot as well.. I live in the Detroit DMA..Just affects the local HD channels (MPEG4).
I also have 2 H20's that this happens to both.

01-17-2007, 08:54 AM
I'm on the North Shore and had no issues with PQ over the weekend at all.

01-22-2007, 12:37 PM
After suffering through SD viewing of my locals for the last few days I began to troubleshoot the issue in greater detail.

Checked connections at the dish and changed output source from the multi-switch. Pixilization and dropouts remained-damn.

Visited a local mom and pop DTV/factory service center for Sony, Samsung, etc... Over a cup of coffee the owner and I discussed the problem and he allowed me to hook my H20 to his in store AT9. Drove the 5 minutes back to the house to grab the reciever and hooked it up to his system. No dropouts, picture looked great. Excellent! At least I wont have to hope to get another "good" one from DTV.

That limited the scope of the issue down to the LNB or multiswitch. He called around and his suppliers could not sell only the FW9 LNB. They only sell the complete dish, mounting hardware, and LNBs as a package.

I spotted an LNB set on a shelf in the repair shop and he said "Sure, take it and check it out with that."

Back to the house and 5 minutes later all is fixed. Picture looks good again. I went back down to the mom-n-pop and asked him what the damage was -- $25.

A cheap repair for the knowledge I gained talking to him an the ability to get a part I could not find anywhere else. DTV probably would have had me on the hook for "additional commitment" or sent a no show technician.

For what it's worth -- Ebay has complete dish assemblies available for around $60-80 with shipping included if this happens to you and no local installer or mom-n-pop has spare parts laying around.