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Question for DirecTV HD Guru's (HD Camcorder)

01-16-2007, 03:42 PM
I have the HDTV, I have the HD Receiver (and a HD DVR on the way). Now I am looking for a) a HD DVD Recorder and b) a HD Camcorder.

So far I am unable to locate a HD DVD Recorder (except for some $3500 Toshiba model - I am thinking hundreds of dollars, not thousands).

I am also looking at a few different HD Camcorders (3 from Sony, 1 JVC). Some are using MiniDV, other are using Hard Drives.

Have any of you DirecTV HD Guru's purchased an HD Camcorder? And do any of you have a bead on a HD DVD Recorder?

Forgive for NOT posing a DirecTV question but we will all be looking for these items eventually.