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Phillips LCD, no format choice with HD input?

01-11-2007, 07:45 AM
Hi, I just recently bought a 37PF9631D/37 and overall I'm very happy with it.

The only problem is that when you're feeding the TV a high definition source, you don't have a choice as far as what format you'll be viewing the program in. My DVD player is connected via HDMI, and if I have it in 480p mode everything is fine, I can select the propper aspect ratio. As soon as I put it in 720p mode, the TV decides that the correct ratio is the maximum squash one. I'm not sure what this ratio actualy is, but it's something beyond 2.35:1. I actualy watched one movie this way, then I tried the THX optimization stuff on my Star Wars DVDs, and I realized how far off the TV was... Does anyone know if this happens only with HDMI conections, or with all HD sources? I don't have cable yet, so I'm unable to test HD broadcasts.

So is there any way to force the selection to be availible? Something iI can do in the service menu maybe? Speaking of which, I still haven't found the service codes for this TV.

01-11-2007, 08:44 AM
This type of problem seems to be cropping up more and more.

The displays were designed around the idea that 720p and 1080i would be true widescreen HD signals, not upscaled 480i/p with an original aspect ratio of 4:3 (even Anamorphic Widescreen is stored as 4:3 with the assumption the display will strecth the pixels). Many displays "lock out" the different screen modes (stretch, zoom) when using HDMI as a "convenience" (you don't have to set anything and the display automatically selects the "proper" mode).

There's probably nothing you can do on the display end if things if the display doesn't let you change the mode with HDMI (check and make sure the display doesn't have something in it's menu options and try the mode button on the remote to make sure).

At the DVD player end of things, make sure you have the mode set appropriately for the type of disc you're playing (Full-screen, Letterbox Widescreen or Anamorphic Widescreen). I'm not sure Full-screen can be made to work properly unless the player adds side bars as part of the upscaling).

If all else fails and you need to keep that particular display and DVD player, switch to Component Video--you will not likely notice the difference, as the display will upscale the DVD on it's own. All of the screen modes should be available to you when using Component Video.