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what do i do with the r15?

01-08-2007, 06:54 AM
I had a new DVR installed in october, moved the tivo upstairs, the new one went on my hdtv downstairs, duh me, i didn't realize that it wasn't hd i was ordering cause that is all they had.

After the whole hd fiasco, i had the new h20 installed dec 27(i think). but the installer didn't take the r15 which the h20 replaced. I do believe the r15 was leased, so what am i to do with it?

My wife doesn't want the r15 upstairs, because she hates the user interface ( so do i ) so i'm keeping the old tivo up there, even though it has less recording space.

So what am i supposed to do, sent it to dtv, or keep it as an extra, or sell it.