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DENON DVD-1920 - Skipping Problems

01-03-2007, 07:37 PM
Hello, I have been an active reader of this forum over the last 6-months and now just posting for the first time. I greatly appreciate any insight or assistance on this issue.

I purchased a Denon DVD-1920 about 6-months ago. I have been having sporatic problems with it skipping and freezing on different DVD's (all retail movie DVD's). This problem has occured with brand new DVD's (like King Kong which I got for Xmas) and other existing Retail DVD's that have worked fine in my other DVD players. I even tested the new King Kong DVD on my other DVD player in the house and it works fine.

My connection is the following: HDMI going out from the Denon DVD-1920 to a Yamaha RX-V2600 A/V Receiver. I then go HDMI out from the Yamaha A/V to the Mitsubishi WD-73927 DLP.

On the Denon DVD I have PSCAN turned "On" and setup for HDMI/1080i. When it works - it is a thing of "Beauty". However I am getting "Beastly" looks from my wife when Kong skips and freezes...i.e. I paid a lot of $$ for this setup so why isn't it working(?)

Any idea on what could be causing this problem or known problems with the DVD-1920? Any remedies or suggestions? Is it PSCAN?

I called Denon and they informed me that I bought it from a "non-authorized" etailer - so good luck. This is clearly a "brand new", never used, Denon DVD-1920, so I can't believe I am having these problems unless there is some type of known bug or I have something set up incorrectly. Denon said it could be the video processor or the laser spindle but I would need to get an authorized dealer to check it out.

Greatly appreciate the assistance!

Thanks, RMO

04-03-2008, 06:16 AM
Don't know what you might have paid for it, but that unit is pretty "old" technology-wise, and probably not worth putting any time or effort into fixing.

Ant number of new upscaling DVD players can be had for <$100; I'd say you should save a lot of time and grief and simply purchase a new player.

04-03-2008, 02:17 PM
Scott's right, the 1920 goes back a ways. Did you buy it new or used? A new 1940CI runs around $300-350.

I've been doing some experimenting and thus far my Toshy HD-A2 does a little better job of upconverting than the Denon - with that being said, I bought the Denon for music. So I'm not hurt.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure despite all the detail give that your player is indeed the problem and should be replaced, not repaired.

Chris Gerhard
04-03-2008, 02:43 PM
I have the DVD-1920 and believe it is a really good player. It is made by Funai and a clone of the Sylvania DVL1000F as far as DVD-V. Here is the Secrets Benchmark review of that player, they never reviewed the DVD-1920.


I am not certain that Denon can deny warranty coverage, at least in some states. I purchased my Denon DVD-1920 from a retailer not shown as authorized by Denon, but my player came in a box shipped from Denon to that retailer so Denon knew that retailer was re-selling the player. Believe me, Denon would have a hard time convincing me that my player wasn't covered by a Denon warranty if I had any problems. I didn't have any problems, but the concept that Denon can sell players to retailers for sale to consumers then claim that the players aren't covered by Denon warranty is not one I will accept. It would be a more difficult case if you didn't buy the player from the retailer that received it directly from Denon, see what you can figure out and present your case to Denon if you find Denon dealt directly with your retailer as I know they did with mine.

It does sound like a player problem unfortunately and without warranty repair can't possibly be worth sending to an authorized repair facility. I did purchase a back-up player for mine, the DVD-756 which is exactly the same player with a different model number. I recently saw Circuit City had the DVD-757 for about $90 if you decide to replace the player, you might check there. The 757 is the same as the DVD-1930CI.