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RR7 demo available!! plus 1080p GTHD video!

12-07-2006, 03:12 PM

This may be old news, but The Ridge Racer 7 Demo is available to download for U.S. PS3 owners in the Hong Kong Playstation store (Yes, the Hong Kong store is in ENGLISH). You can setup two user accounts on the PS3, I have my U.S. playstation store ID and my Hong Kong playstation store ID. I also just downloaded the amazing 1080p video for Gran Turismo HD. Downloading from the Hong Kong store was just as simple as using the U.S. store. *IF THE GRAN TURISMO HD DEMO DOESN'T GET RELEASED IN THE U.S. PLAYSTATION STORE THIS CHRISTMAS.... LOGIN TO HONG KONG & DOWNLOAD*

If this is helpful news, here is what I did.
-You need an extra e-mail address
-You need a Hong Kong street address so... just Google a hotel's address in Hong Kong ("Hong Kong hotel address")
-Make another USER on your Playstation 3...THEN GO MAKE ANOTHER PLAYSTATION STORE ID (Another Master account)
-*Select "HONG KONG" instead of "UNITED STATES" when you register*

Enjoy that GT HD vid & the Ridge Racer 7 demo!

im downloading RR7 demo as i type this! so get to it for whoever has a PS3!!. i posted this over at PS3forums.com too.

12-07-2006, 05:35 PM
That's the second "Freakin Sweet" of the day. These demos may help to sell these games and help SONY's attach rate. I'm going to wait till it's available here though... I'll probably buy the game by then though.

12-07-2006, 07:52 PM
apparently this is not new news to some people.. these demos for example RR7 demo was release Nov 22nd on the Hong Kong PSstore, its only now that i(and lots of others) just found out about it and found out exactly how to access the other PSstores. I've been downloading ALL evening LOL!.

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