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Best CRTRP Unit?

12-22-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi all,

Not very happy with SD/Cable channels viewing on my new Sony 55XS955. Cable company dropped off the HD STB yesterday and the non HD channels look worse now than before with the old STB. I split the cable as recommended and even watching the lower analog/cable stations using cable direct to the TV just looks aweful. IMHO for $3000 you should get a better picture on the non HD channels.

I did swap the HD STB from Component to DVI-HDMI which caused some of the HD channels to be pixely; support I believe is coming back on the 27th with a signal booster which may help; but still all non HD channels look like crap. Is this going to be the case w any of the newer RP technologies (DLP,D-ILA,LCoS)?

Anyway; I may be returning this unit to CC within the alotted 30 days and pickup one of the older cheaper models that give a better non HD picture for everyday channels. I believe Hitachi has a new slimmer model; does anyone have any recommendations?

What is the largest HDTV based on TUBE? Sony 34"?


12-22-2004, 09:27 PM
Hello D1c1ple: My son-in-law has the Sony Wega 37 inch I believe, & its picture is pefect on all formats, including old B&W shows..........I had, what I considered to be the best RPCRT HDTV made, until Hurricane Frances destroyed it with my roof coming down on it and 3 feet of water giving the final punch----I had the Zenith IQB64W10W......Unfortunatly Zenith discontinued RPCRT-HDTVS, and is only making LCD, DLP & Plasma, which from what I understand, they are having problems with......I had the Zenith for over 3 years and never had to call anyone to re-calibrate it after the Cable Tech came when bringing the HD-Box........The B&W & Analog stations came in as good as digital.....Old VHS tapes were perfect, HD programs were awesome.....and DVDs were like being at the movies.......So I will be replacing it with the Mitsubishi WS65815 CRTRP-HDTV.....and I am praying that it is as good as the Zenith that I lost, since I have alot of old classic tapes and family tapes that I will be showing on it.....and also, I am a big fan of TCM....so I am keeping my fingers crossed............but to address your question on a Tube TV by Sony.......My Son-In-Law and Daughter have had the Wega 37inch for over 2 years with no problems, & the picture and sound, is almost as good as my destroyed IQB64W10W which had three 9"inch CRTs and an all-up 18 channel converter built in making it compatable with every transmission Worldwide.....I guess it was made too good, so they had it discontinued.......Good Luck....there is nothing more frustrating then spending alot of money & not getting what you paid for............Joe From Florida---sasheegm user name