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Hitachi 42HDS69 Set up questions?

11-28-2006, 11:21 AM
I apologize ahead of time but I'm really new to this and have some questions. First of all - does anyone want to take me through actually setting this t.v up? Do I need to put a calibration DVD in? What type of DVD player do I need to purchase, and do I need an upconverting DVD player if it is 1080,or just a progressive scan will do? And If I'll be using my cable card through TW, why would I need an antenna? Yes, I'm clueless. lol


11-29-2006, 04:02 PM
You can "calibrate" it yourself with a DVD. It will improve your picture quality some. You can also elect to have it truely calibrated by a professional. Or, simply just enter the menu of the TV and select the preset choice you want for picture quality. It is very simple.

I'm still using my progessive scan DVD player right now. I'm happy with it. You can purchase an upconvert DVD player if you choose, but it too isn't required. I'm waiting a year or so to buy the HD/Blue Ray DVD player when that all gets settled (if even by then).

If you local cable company offers your locals in HD, then you do not need an antenna. If they don't, though, you will need and antenna to receive over-the-air HD channels.

I think you will truely love your Hitachi TV. I have the same one.