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Sharp Aquos LC26D40U - Motion Blurring?

11-12-2006, 02:29 PM
I just bought my first HD set, a Sharp Aquos LC26D40U, and I was pretty pleased with it at first. Later, though, I noticed a bit of motion blurring with several DVDs and games (all connected via PS2 component) inputs.

As an example, with a Futurama Season1 disc, there are a lot of scrolling backgrounds with various "throw-away" jokes written on signs. Though the show's DVD transfer is supposed to be excellent, my eyes had significant trouble reading them as they scrolled by; the movement seemed really "jumpy".

The Sharp website touts the thing as having a 6ms response time, so even allowing for the manufacturer's measurement (grey-to-grey, etc.) fudge-factor, I couldn't possibly be seeing that, could I?

Another poster also mentioned that the 26" and smaller Sharp-branded units are not actually manufactured by Sharp at all, and pointed to the fact that Sharp's U.S. website only touts the 32" and larger units as having come from "Sharp's state-of-the-art Kaneyama plant". Sharp's Canadian and Japanese sites don't make any model-specific mention of the units' origins, so perhaps this was just an oversight?

I'm otherwise pretty happy with the unit (no burnt pixels, too), but if I can get better quality from one of the 32" models, is it worth exchanging? Or is my problem with the video source, bad calibration, or some such? The blurring is a real pain, and since I intend to use it almost exclusively for gaming...

Thanks for the input.