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Looking for a few opinions on the HDTV's I viewed today

12-05-2004, 12:15 AM

I am new here and am about to purchase my first HDTV tomorrow. I spent the day today doing some internet research and then visiting the various stores in my area to get an up close look at the TV's I was interested in. Best Buy had several of these brands right next to each other for a convenient comparison. The models I am looking at are as follows:

Sony KV30HS420
Sanyo HT30744
Toshiba 30HF84
Samsung TX-P3075WH

I was able to compare all of these models while at best buy except for the Sanyo. After about 30 minutes of staring at all these next to each other the Sony appeared to have the best picture quality given the poor multi split signal they all were being fed. I really wanted to find the Toshiba 30HFX84 but no one has any in stock locally. My guess would be that the Tosh HFX would perform just like the standard HF model. I couldn't seem to convince myself that any of these other models performed as well as the Sony did as far as PQ goes. I was very impressed with the Sanyo I saw at Wal-Mart but comparing it side by side to the Sony wasn't an option. I have read a large quantity of the posts on this forum and others about the Sanyo but I am left with mixed opinions on if it will perform as well as the Sony would. Just going by memory alone I think the Sanyo looked almost as good as the Sony did and better then the others.

I have two questions for the folks who have seen both models and know allot more about the HDTV inner workings then I do (very minimal).

1. What is your opinion on the Sanyo actually performing just as well as the Sony on HD/SD content?

2. Given a $1200 budget (including tax/extended warranties/accessories) is the Sony worth the extra $300 in this comparison based on reliability and PQ?

Thanks for any help you can provide!