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dave chappelle tour...............

08-24-2006, 09:11 PM
i was lucky enough to see dave chappelle the other night in boston mass. he was unbelivably funny. i have been a huge fan of his for a long time now and after i saw him in person doing his set i realized he was alot funnier in person. if anyone gets a chance to see him in person dont pass it up. he doesnt tour much and he is doing it right now on the east coast. the tour is almost over but there is a few stops left.

some advice if you do go. dont show up late if your sitting close to the stage. he will get on you quick. he will just stop what he is talking about and make fun of you. he had a funny line " you know that person who said sticks and stones can break you bones but word cant hurt you, well that muthaf**ka never met me." also dont heckle him! it only ruins his set and he might not feel like staying longer in the end. if your not a big fan of his show then dont let that stop you from going. the people i went with are not big fans of the chappelle show and they were grabbing their sides in pain from laughing so hard just like everyone else. i never laughed that hard for that long. it really felt like someone punched me in the gut for 20 straight minutes. the pain coulda been alot worse for me if he didnt stop and get serious with the crowd about his feelings on what was happening in the world.

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