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SubWoofer Problem JVC Help?

08-10-2006, 05:44 PM
Please forgive me in advance for the lack of specific details....

I have a JVC surround sound system (5 cd player, subwoofer, speakers, etc.) hooked up to a Directv HD reciever and to another DVD player.

The disc changer on the 5 cd changer broke a few months back, the model is about 2 years old, I didnt know much when I first made the purchase

Thing seems like a real piece of junk

Anyways, now my problem is that when I turn on my system, the power turns up on the unit and the green light goes on on the subwoofer but immeadiately the green light shuts off on the subwoofer, therefore I get no sound out of any speakers.

I have tried to power off all other equipment, but no matter what the same thing happens, same when I try seperate sources....

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Or is it just fried

If so, should I purchase just a new subwoofer and reciever/dvd player?

I am trying to be cheap here for the time being

I cant believe this thing might be done, 2 years imo is not that long of a time

I will give it the night off but I have a bad feeling

Model is ****TH M303/TH-M301 OR TH-M5O5/TH-M501***

The subwoofer light pops on and then pops off

Started out of nowhere when I was watching tv, and I cant get it back on??


08-11-2006, 06:02 AM
You will find details of your system in the following page:


It appears that you have a DVD player rather than a CD player.

You could have a blown fuse at the subwoofer amplifier.