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Speaker and most anything pricing..

06-23-2006, 10:52 PM
Just wondering where the ebay sellers get there inventory? Infinity speakers are half price there. Name brand DVDs are about half price..
The local retailers swear they pay more for their stuff. Somebody is
BSin' us?

06-24-2006, 05:54 AM
Just wondering where the ebay sellers get there inventory? Infinity speakers are half price there. Name brand DVDs are about half price..
The local retailers swear they pay more for their stuff. Somebody is
BSin' us?
Local stores have more expensive, they sell their stuff close to MSRP, someone has to pay the rent, Energy cost and employees salary at BB and CC like stores. Online stores have warehouses and some time they order through manufacturer directly so there is no middleman cost, they pass on saving to customer.

06-24-2006, 08:19 AM
Middlemen are only if it comes in from overseas. The rest if its US products are shipped right from manufacturers warehouses to outlet center things like CC, Sears, BB use, middle warehouses.
Some ebayers are at the docks literally, they pick them right up from customs and are dealers that made up connections. Some stolen goods and also pallet shipments that are unclaimed, or store returns. Store returns are not something they want to ship back overseas and are cataloged as returns for credit then sold as AS IS pallets. You can get pallets right off ebay also from the warehouse dock people. Some is broken, defective, some people just didnt like and returned to stores etc.

Everything sold at retail stores are sold from MSRP to 20% down and marked up over 100%. This pays for that idiot at CC that doesnt know his a** from a hole in the ground. His manager, warehouse people, truck drivers and their fees and so on. Some stores will lower pricing below 30-50% off MSRP getting volume sales, others just plain rip you off for there net pocket money. People think Federal Express and UPS are bad handlers and damage, yes they might be, but not nearly as bad as the kid who works at CC. You know the one who dont know d*ck, couldnt help you if he tried, yet doesnt think he gets enough..

I'm a EBAY WHORE and also a seller. I've gotten these pallets and average 55% fully working items on them. $400 pallet plus $225 average freight fees turns into $1000 easy.

07-12-2006, 06:36 PM
how can i buy return pallets speakers

07-13-2006, 10:25 AM
another thing you gotta realize is official retailers ( like b.b. and circuit city ) sign a contracts to sell items at the product makers msrp. my girl used to work at a local b.b. so i bought a ton of stuff at there wholesale price. there employees get items for almost what the company pays for it. almost everything ( except for cds, pcs, cell phones, games, game consoles and pc parts ) is sold for twice what there paying. companies like yamaha, denon, def. tech, martin logan, and sony do this so,

1. there products are not degraded by stores lowering there prices to much. by retailers selling certain products at to much a price difference the consumers perciption over time may change on the quality of that product compared to higher priced but similar quality products. monster cables, bose, and sony are good examples of this.

2. so smaller companies who are official retailers get the same advantage larger retailers get with pricing. this is huge to getting smaller companies to purchase there products.

an added benifit is by purchasing from a official retailer is you get the warranty. almost all online retailers are not official and you may lose your warranty option depending on the product you are buying.

you also gotta take into account that these online retailers like on ebay are selling the item for what they paid and jacking up the shipping charges. i saw this with the sxrd while i was looking for a new tv. some online companies were selling the tv for $2200 then jacking the shipping up to $200-$250. online sellers that were shipping from further and useing faster shipping but there tv prices were higher were shipping for around free - $100.

i once ordered a something online and figured the seller was selling the item for cost to him and jacking up the shipping. well i got his shipping info emailed to me on accident and the price he paid was listed plus it was on the box when i got it. i paid 4x the actual shipping cost. which is fine by me since it was the lowest overall price anywhere and i know sellers have to get there part to feed there family.