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Screen saver mode for CRTs?

06-13-2006, 12:05 AM
Hey all, just wondering when or if they ever started to implement a screen saver mode for CRTs to save from burn in? I know alot of the newer DLP RPTVs have screen savers, but Im worried about my TV. Im picking up an older model (couple years old) Panasonic 47" CRT HDTV. Since I have TiVo, Im worried about me falling asleep with the TV paused, or one of the TiVo screens left on my TV to just burrrrrrn itself right in my screen. Any suggestions? is there some sort of unit that will do a screen saver for me? Do any cable boxes come with this? Thanks for all the help, you guys have been a big help these past few weeks!

Also...How long does a single image have to be left up to cause burn in?


06-13-2006, 03:56 AM
Most DVD players have an option to enable a screen saver. Takes 15-20 minutes to come about.

My digital cable provider offers a number of digital radio stations (a few dozens of different genres) and my favorite is a "Nature", complete with rain, thunder, birds etc, and after 10 minutes of static picture (it provides CD info on recording) I get the station's screen saver.

Burn-in for CRTs becomes a reality if one remains with black bars, ticker tape at the bottom of the screen or fixed picture and this for a time which exceeds 15% (1 hour out of 6.65 hours) of total viewing time for a given period.