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Help Please!!

06-12-2006, 12:35 PM
I am planning on buying a 46" samsung DLP. It has built-in HDTV. I'm kinda new to this whole HDTV thing. What else do I need in order to watch HDTV and Play my 360 :(

06-12-2006, 01:07 PM
For your 360, all you will need is to hook up the component video cables to the TV (this is your only HD option since 360 does not have a HDMI/DVI out). To watch HD programming, the options are much greater and a bit more complicated. OTA HD is the most common and usualy the least expensive. If you are fairly close to a good source (20 or less), you can pick up quite a few digital channels with a $50 HD antenna like me. (there are more variables involed than just distance). I am around 15 miles and almost all of my channels come from the same source (Sears Tower), so I don't need a big rooftop antenna or rotor. If you live farther from the source, you may require a rooftop antenna/amp/rotor etc. You can also get HD programming from you Dish/Cable provider. You will need a special HD receiver and the service will also be extra over a basic subscription (around 15-20 buck a month more). HD DVD has just been released that will let you enjoy a variety of released movies (limited for now but growing every day) in HD and also improves the viewing of you standard DVD's. These start at around $500. You obviously can still enjoy you SD and non Digital programming as well, but not near the awesome PQ as HD. Check the OTA, Dish Network, DTV/Cables forums for more detailed info on what route you may want to pursue. The have allot of excellent info on here.