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Leaning toward plasma

06-09-2006, 07:53 PM
After much reading and absorption of info here I'm probably going with the Samsung 5053 plasma.
A simple (I thought) process became not so and long, but only because of the great comments and knowledge people here offer.
I have several reasons for leaning this way:

1) This HDTV will be my home's primary TV and will be used by all ages 4 to ...... for anything from Nick (4 yr old!) to HD offered OTA or cable and eventually DISH. I was concerned about bulb life and the SD viewing. It was mentioned here that plasma may handle SD better. The comment that a bad source projected makes a worse result hit home with me. It's hard to stomach paying that money to see a lousy picture 15-45 percent of the time.

2) I have a niche to place this unit measuring 55 wide by 39 high by 17.5 deep that was nearly a perfect squeeze for most 56 inch DLP or LCos. ( minus the ears.) Then it was mentioned that my niche will not provide enough ventilation and this could lead to accelerated bulb failures. I hadn't considered that. This 50 inch plasma will give 3 inches on each side and 13 in the back - hopefully enough room to ventilate.

3) DLP sets always seemed to have issues: bulbs, sparkling, rainbows, lag issues, off-center viewing. I'm tying to simplify- don't need to [B]buy[B]problems.

4) I don't think I need bleeding edge tech right now and I have not been convinced here or by viewing that it's enough better, for me. And when it is better, it will be easier for me to relocate this flat panel to another room to make room for whatever comes next.

That's about it. I was considering the Sammy s5687, the toshiba 56hmx66, and the JVC 56 inch LCos. Sony had the ears and the new will be too expensive and they will all overheat, I suspect.

I guess it's off to a new forum. Any views here on the Sammy 5053 plasma - should I ask??!!


06-11-2006, 12:18 AM
Try posting this in the flat section and more responses will come.

06-11-2006, 07:49 AM
Thanks, I did, just wanted to show my logic for the direction I've decided to go. if anyone cares, or if my logic is flawed.

06-11-2006, 11:10 AM
All plasmas run a bit warm and some more than others. A 47" LCD might be a better choice but it would be smaller and cost a lot more. I think you made a good choice for your needs. I wonder how hot the new LED Samsung 56" will run. Great article in the current issue of Home Theater Magazine on LED's.