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Toshiba 52HM95: losing and gaining HDMI audio often

05-27-2006, 06:21 PM

I often lose HDMI audio on my Toshiba 52HM95 set. The
TV set is connected to a cablebox via an HDMI cable. One
pattern that seems to help me get the audio back is to
switch from HDMI input to ANT0 for a short while and then
switch back to HDMI input and the HDMI audio from the
cablebox is back.

A pattern that seems to contribute to the HDMI audio loss
is when I use my DVD player (also a Toshiba, and attached
to the second HDMI input on the TV set). It seems like
after I watch a DVD and turn the TV off, when I return,
there is no sound on the HDMI connection from a cablebox.

I do the usual ritual recommended by Toshiba: turn the cablebox
off first, then turn the TV off; and always turn the TV on then turn
the cablebox on, but to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!

PS. Toshiba's help, as usual is, silly, stupid, and retarded: they
suggested that I use a regular audio cable, or switch from
the HDMI cable to a comibination of component/composite
cable or attach my TV set to a stereo system and mute the TV.