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Sony KV30HS420 CRT lifespan question

05-22-2006, 09:48 AM
I think that I'm may be in the right place to find an answer (or maybe a bunch of opinions anyways).

Here's the deal - I bought the TV listed above from a big chain that had it on the floor for a year (approx. 4000 hours running time I 'm guessing). It's HD ready and 16:3 aspect and enough bells for me. Price was $448 (retail is maybe $750), and it still has its factory warranty (3 mos labor; 1 yr parts). I decided not to buy the store $200 extended plan. One small problem is the on/off button is tempermental (from so much store use), but it can work, and the remote works fine.

I got it home, and had second thoughts about the hours already on it. I can return it for 30 days. I'm only going to use it for videos and DVDs (no player yet - that's another forum question). So no TV on for hours a day.

I know it's a crapshoot for any specific TV, but I'm willing to play the averages especially with the limited use that I'll be putting on it.

What's an average lifespan of a CRT television?
What do you think of the deal?

thanks, josef

06-07-2006, 08:40 AM
Good CRT's (and Sony is the best IMO) last a very long time with little to no picture degradation. I have had a Sony 20 inch for almost 20 years and a Zenith for 15. They have all been retired to lesser used rooms but they still get allot of view time on them. I'm not saying your Sony will last that long but it should last at least 10 years of average viewing. Of course settings and environment have some to do with this as well. If the retail store had the contrast and brightness cranked all the way up during the 4,000 + hours that may shorten the lifespan as well.