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Help please!!!...double image

05-10-2006, 08:37 AM
I just bought a panasonic CT-30CX15 which for all intents and purposes is a CT-30WX15.

I have had trouble researching my problem because I don't know what this problem is called. My television displays a secondary and sometimes third "outline" or slight image about half a centemeter (2nd image) to one full centemeter (3rd image) to the right of the main image. It appears to be significantly off and seems similar to a "ghost image" that many have trouble with antennas. It does not appear to be, but is similar in the way people describe a "shadow image" or "halo" but is further off from the main picture. It is most noticable when a dark image is portrayed next to a lighter background. The image is consistent in distance off the main picture whether from the top or bottom of the screen. I don't think it is a reflection from the back of the screen because a friend who has the same TV does not have this problem. It is also consistent whether I am using my receiver or playing a DVD, so it's not the digital feed.

I have played around with all the picture settings. If I bring the sharpness to 0, it is less noticable but then more fuzzy. I have other fancy picture adjustments that also do not appear to make any difference. I don't think I can (and don't want to have to) return because I bought on-line and it is a model I can't find currently at any Sam's club or Walmart to exchange.

Thanks, Chris

05-10-2006, 11:30 AM
I also wanted to add that I played around with the service menu and this just moved the entire picture up/down, left right and not the problem...so I think this is a convergence problem. Is this fixable?

05-10-2006, 12:02 PM
Mismatch in component cables can cause ghosting. Maybe you could borrow your friends DVD player and cables to see if there is something wrong with your TV. Then try using your player with his cables.

05-10-2006, 08:37 PM
Are the images a particular color? If not, then it's not a convergence problem.

What connection are you using for your DVD player--Composite, S-Video, Component or HDMI?

Does your set have menu options for "Noise Reduction" or "Comb Filter"?

Does your set have a "Restore defaults" selection?

05-10-2006, 09:32 PM
Currently I have both Cable and DVD connected with Component video. I swapped those out, tried new ones, tried S-video and even good ol' coax and no matter how it was wired, I still can see the image on either cable, dvd, or vhs. So it's definitely something in the T.V.

The image is not of any color, kind of like an outline of the original image. It is uniform in distance off (to the right) at all points on the screen. I adjusted a ton of things on the service menu which I was able to find how to access...no luck.

Noise reduction does not have any affect whether on or off. I could not find a restore defaults. I did turn off what my T.V. calls a "velocity modulation" that "increases picture sharpness and provides crisp white to black transition". This had some effect on it but it is stil there. I can also sort of reduce it by bringing my sharpness down to zero, but I think this just blurs it into the backgroup vs. actually affect it. I found another guy on this forum who I am trying to reach that seems to have the same problem, but no-on seemed to be able to help him as of the last entry.


Thank you...any more ideas anyone?