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Refurbished Philips

04-16-2006, 03:03 PM
I recently purchased a refurbished 30PW9110D/37B from the Philips Electronics Outlet. Here is my experience. You can use it to decide if you want to buy one.

3/23/06 Ordered from the Philips Outlet website.
3/28/06 TV is shipped. But tracking number is never recognized by the shipper (Eagle Carriers)
4/7/06 I get in touch with Philips and they give me the correct tracking number. I find out the TV arrived locally on 4/5/06 but of course was not delivered. I call Eagle and they schedule a delivery for 4/10/06.
4/10/06 My daughter stays here all day and no TV. I call Eagle again and they reschedule for the next day after I get home from work.
4/11/06 TV is delivered at last. The delivery guy stays and helps me lift it up on the stand after I unpack it.

Ok, what about the TV? The box was pretty banged up with several holes in it but the TV is in perfect shape. Not a mark on it. The remote was still sealed in its plastic bag. I think I was the first person to ever use the set. Maybe the TV was returned originally because of damage to the shipping box??

How does it work? Absolutely great with digital channels. High definition looks spectacular. Analog isn't as good as with a regular TV. Seems sort of blurry. I have regular analog Charter cable. But the local digital broadcasts (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS-HD) are not scrambled. I also receive about 50 music channels. At random times and on random channels I can receive unscrambled movies. All the movies seem to be low-budget ones I have never heard of. They're not worth watching.

I see this same TV on display at Wal-Mart. (Right after I ordered mine Wal-Mart dropped the price from $720 I think to $526) My picture looks much, much better than what I see at the store. Their source material must be bad. One annoying thing is that when changing channels it takes about 5 seconds to go from one channel to the next.

Is the TV worth it? I would say yes. My price including shipping was $507. ($522 - $52 promotional discount + $37 shipping) I have had zero problems with it so far. I will probably pay extra to get digital cable so all the channels will be as good as the 5 digital ones I get now.

I have seen several posts saying this TV was junk. Mine turned out to be great.