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Yankees vs Royals

04-08-2006, 10:04 AM
Hey NewD*Boston. The program has been updated to show the Yankees home opener and the other 2 games against KC on channel 95. It says subject to blackouts in KC and NY. It's looking good but I won't bet my house on it just quite yet.

04-08-2006, 10:57 AM
That is great news...so far! I see it in my ch. 95 guide as well.

Now I'm trying to understand why the Yanks have 3 days games in a row at home next week, maybe I can get out of work to catch one of the games...

Also what is up with the 10PM saturday night road game today?

Only been 4 games, but the hitting went to sleep after game 1, and the competition in the league is at a much higher level...some younger players beginning to look like superstars. We have Cano, very happy with him...and I am no Met's fan, but David Wright is awesome...

04-08-2006, 11:24 AM
Where did you see it scheduled for channel 95 ? I do not see it in my guide yet and I think if your in the N.Y market it will not be blacked out. Espn is the only ch that blacks out games, thats if YES network carries them , which they do.

04-08-2006, 11:39 AM
on screen guide for ch 95 on tues 4/11 at 1pm, wed 4/12 1pm, and thurs 4/13 at 1pm...

04-08-2006, 11:52 AM
The weather tends to be nicer and warmer in the afternoon in the early spring in NY, hence the 3 day games. There are not that many day games normally during the weekends in the rest of the league, there is in NY because of everything else there is to do in NY at night.

04-08-2006, 11:55 AM
hope the weather is better in NY next week than it is in Augusta right now...we might not see any more play today...CBS will have to show highlights of round 1 and 2 rest of day...

04-08-2006, 12:17 PM
The guide shows these Yankee games as being a part of MLB extra innings. Thats why it says subject to blackout. If all goes well , these home games as well as all Yankee home games will be broadcast through YES. They should be in HD if you live in the ny market. If you subscribe to mlb ex. innings then Yes network has the rights to broadcast it thus causing a blackout in NY markets . I just hope d*tv broadcasts the games in HD on ch95. The nets are on today and the hd looks great.