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Questions re: HD tuners / screen sizes:

03-17-2006, 07:53 PM
Have been away from forum for months. Getting ready to do something. My situation is I have two sep areas, one is a theater room which is finished except for the HD tv. Cost is an issue. Holding back because the technology is advancing so rapidly, but in meantime I'd like to put something in my TV hutch & display case in the living room. This hutch has been a concern for years but it would be too much hassle/expense to sell/replace it. Presently has a 27 Sony CRT 18 yrs old. Did some measuring, can squeeze a 31.5 inch wide set in its place (I have done some work on the cabinet to open up the insides a bit, gained another inch. Toshiba has a 1080i 30 inch CRT (30 HF85)which fits with help of a shoehorn. Frustration is this: Not many manufacturers seem to be aware that there are people out there who would like a decent screen size and who don't want to toss their hutch. Saw a Samsung 30 CRT with tuner (great price, sale $599) I like very much but speakers are to L and R of screen making it very wide. Many mfgrs are doing this. Toshiba is putting them below the screen, makes it more compact. ISSUE: Samsung and some others are including the ATSC tuner, Toshiba is not. In addition, the Samsung set is cheaper than the Toshiba set without the tuner and the pic is just as good if not better. Cheeeses! I am frustrated.

Question: Where is the info on the FCC rules that determine tuners on various screen sizes, I know this is evolving and heard it may change this year.

Anyone know of something other than Toshiba which would fit in this space? I don't wish to have less than a 30 inch in this room. Am ok with going CRT on this location, but want the new technology for the Theater room later on. For now, have a perfectly tuned NTSC Toshiba in there, and it is ok in the interim. Yes I know I have a choice of some 32 LCDs that are out there which might fit, but they are in the $1200-$1600 range. I think a CRT can do better with the black on black details.

What is best way to buy a tuner? Local stores either don't have them or they cost $229 and up.

For the what it is worth, I am in a HD-rich broadcast area and may dump my cable later on, just go with broadcast. Salesman told me most buyers don't seem to know that they can have free HD with a box and an antenna. Said set top tuners hardly sell at all. Everyone is signing for Dish or something like it, or cable.