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Strange issue with D11 receiver and Toshiba 34HFX85 HDTV

03-12-2006, 12:41 PM
I have my D* D11 receiver connected to my 34HFX85 via S-Video and Component audio cables. In addition, I have an OTA signal coming into the D* box via Co-ax. From there, I have another Co-ax cable running into my VCR. The VCR is connected to my TV via Co-ax as well. After all is said and done, my D* box is actually connected to both the Video1 input and RF antenna input on the back of my TV.

Here's the issue. I normally leave my TV set to the Video1 input to get better picture quality out of the S-Video (versus the Co-ax). However, if I turn my TV on prior to turning on the D* box, my TV jumps inputs over to the RF antenna after switching on the satellite. I always have to manually set it back to the Video1 input. Now if I use the "TV Power ON" button on my remote, which turns both my TV and my D* box on simultaneously, everything is fine.

What gives? I really see no other way of connecting both my D* box and my VCR such that I can record to VHS off of the satellite or OTA locals whilst leaving my TV off in the process.