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dvi->HDMI adapter for H20?

03-07-2006, 10:26 AM
I just bought the H20 and will be having the 5lnb dish installed on next Tuesday(my service will be turned on then as well). My Sony Rear-projection has a dvi connection, so I purchased a DVI-HDMI adapter to use w/ my existing dvi cable(that I was using to connect to my Comcast HD receiver). My question is, does it make a difference to use the dvi cable w/ the adapter versus buying a new dvi-hdmi cable? I wouldn't think so, but didn't know if anyone had ever looked into the differences.(I am sure cable and adapter quality play a role as well, but I don't want to worry bout that now).

03-07-2006, 10:35 AM
Because the signal is digital, the signal reflections caused by the adaptor will be filtered out. Because you're only talking about a 6 foot cable, you'll be fine.

Using an adaptor will cause problems over long distances, near the electrical limits of DVI/HDMI... <=50 feet.

03-07-2006, 05:13 PM
I have just moved into a new Home in Santa Clarita CA. I bought two,
H-20 receivers today from Costco. $84.00, each with $100,00 rebate on one, and a $50 rebate from Costco. My new Home is all wired, for everything, Cat 5, Video, Phone, and Interent. I asked about the 5LNB, dish, they were not sure if I could get it. Without it, I know that you can't get Mpeg4, or HD on local Channels. I will be getting to other recievers, for NTSC sets in new Home. I know rom bein on this Web site, there are some good advice from people, that have been screwed during this period that I will be going through. I will take any help from all people. I am going to buy two HD sets.
One for a upstairs Den, and a main for the living room. I think people are crazy if they do not buy at least one 1920x1080 set. The smaller set for upstairs will settle for 1368x768, Panasonsic Plasma, look about one of the best in that native resolution. I'm open all advice, heck its just money Right. This E- mail site will only be up till 15 March,
so I still have time for comments.