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Ever hear of Smartvision?

03-01-2006, 10:44 PM
I recently visited Nebraska Furniture Mart, a respectable furniture/electronics seller. Anyhow, I found the best deal on an HDTV I have seen since I've been in the market for one since November of last year. Almost to the point I want to buy it.

For only $250, I found a 27" 1080i HDTV. Even regular non-HDTV 27" were selling for the same price. How could an HDTV sell for that little? The picture is so nice and crisp when running HD programming, just as good as the other HDTV's in stock. So, it is not mislabled. And there were 3 on display throughout the store with the same price, so I doubt that was an error.

The only problem is I can find absolutely no review for the television... or even the company that makes it! The company is called Smartvision. It must be a really new company since I could not even find their website through google. I had to find it from the salesman. http://www.smartvisiontech.com/ The site, however, gives me a few chills.

Anyhow, the salesman said flat-out that it is a new company with little name-recognition or even presense within the US. To test him, I even feigned interest in a 27" Sony HDTV with the same specs for $600, but he didn't even try to make it sound better than the $250 one.

From all that I can tell, it seems sound. I have rarely had problems with no-name brands in the past. Besides, it seems $350 more sweet than the Sony. (Sony, however, I have had problems with.)

The company, SmartVision Tech, and the TV's called U2728M. So, what does the verdict seem?

03-02-2006, 01:49 AM
eeek. I see what you mean about the site.Pretty bad. Well heres my deal,I own 2 name brand sets(sony/philips) but when it came time to buy a 3rd for the bedroom i decided to skim a lil bit and buy a no name. Fortunately its a no name but atleast Best Buy owns this no name...Insignia. First I bought a 27" HDCRT for 300 bucks on sale from 350. It was cool for like 3 months till it started shutting off alot. So I took it back to BB,outside of the instore warranty time,and to both mine and the managers surprise came to find this was now a discontinued model,so they couldnt just replace it. Heres where I give BB props,they offered me full credit for the original selling price,not the sale price and put it toward a new model Insignia...a 30" HDCRT that they were selling for $699. I put out a 100 bucks plus the 300 I originally put out and got a very good set in my opinion. I have had it for nearly 5 months now,absolutely trouble free and with the exception of its lack of a DVI or HDMI,I feel its a very good set,especially for the money. So my whole point is if this is gonna be youre main viewing set,I might be hesitant to not spend a little more for a more proven model. Yet if you feel very certain that the store you seen selling it will be very accomadating to any problems as BB is,Imight take a shot...it will ease the HD bug for now but in time you will see the need for a higher end set once your accustomed to HD a little bit.

03-02-2006, 07:55 AM
...So, what does the verdict seem? Save a bit more and buy the Sony or be prepared to return the no brand.

03-02-2006, 01:49 PM
I don't know anything more about SmartVision, but I wouldn't be too frightened about websites like that, as long as a real-life USA store is selling the TV. Just make sure they accept returns in case you find out the TV sucks.

The websites other TV makers offer, even Sony, aren't good either. The TV industry is not concerned with giving consumers technical information about their products. Also, just because the SmartVision website is in bad foreign English isn't something to be afraid of. Many times such foreign companies still put out good products. A good example of this is Aurum Cantus audiophile-quality speakers, also based in China/HK...their website is somewhat disorganized and it seems like they cannot speak English either, but their speakers are still of the highest quality.

03-02-2006, 04:42 PM
Take a test disk (rent one if nec.) Put up the following

Blue bars (Set users to best case)
Pluge (ditto)
Overscan bounce
Needle (see if the lines are straight at proper B/W settings)

Run the tests on the budget, then on the Sony or whatever.

You might just find a diamond, or save yourself lugging around an extra 200 or so lb's.

Good Viewing,

Doug k

03-11-2006, 11:26 PM
I bought the exact TV about a week ago at NFM......I too thought it was a great deal......I got everything hooked up and picture looked great......DVDs looked great through the HD cables......fit perfect in my entertainment center.......the only problem is it will automatically shut off after watching about an hour.......I have to reach behind and unplug and plug back in to get it to come back on......I thought it may be a "Timer" issue, but that is not it.......I called NFMs diagnostic center today but they did not call back.......does anyone know why this is happening......I hope you have better luck with yours.......

03-12-2006, 08:52 AM
Chinese electronics are here. This is a new trend you will begin seeing, as more and more Chinese electronic companies are popping up, and our restrictions on their goods are expiring (and the WTO provisions take effect, allowing the flood of Chinese goods and services to America). You'll also see Chinese automobiles making their way to U.S. shores very, very soon. The benefit is that these cheaper goods will probably cause a drop in the price of competitor's products. Whether or not they are of any value, and work well, remains to be seen.

The website is abhorrent, with many of the links not working. However, that shouldn't drive your purchase. Take a look at the warranty, and the value cost/benefit ratio. Also, what kind of service does the dealer perform? if it needs repairs, will they repair it, or does it need to be shipped to China? For $250 is it a good set? If it works for a year, will that justify the $250 price? Is the Sony really worth that much more (I'm a Sony fan, so I would say yes, but that $250 price tag may just be too tempting to pass up).

Good luck!

01-29-2007, 09:15 PM
i don't know if it's too late, but to warn people out there, smartvision is the worst company you can possibly buy from.

first i got it, dvd quality is horrible. You cannot see colors clearly, black is too dark and blends in with everything. For example, if you see someone in a black suit in front of a brown or darker color wall, they blend in, you cannot see a difference.

this is the worst tv i've ever owned in my life.

This brand is also discontinued, smartvision went out of business so my 2 year warentee i paid for is gone, they screwed me over.

02-05-2007, 11:55 AM
Yeah. Here back about a year later. I bought the TV. It was a minor mistake. The TV runs great, but now whenever I run it on anything higher than 480p, the screen shrinks down. It looks great, but it displays normal 4:3 resolution in what looks like a wide screen format. I thought for a while it was in wide screen mode. There is absolutely no way to change this on the TV.

Well, it's a bit annoying, but it will work for a while. Should have returned it right after plugging it in.

05-23-2007, 09:38 PM
:what: Smartvision is decent low cost (weighs a ton) hdtv however NFM is a ripoff. Purchased the 27" smartvision at NFM Jan 06 for $199. Also purchased NFM 3 year warranty for $99. May 07 the hdtv would come on for about 30 seconds then would resort to serious distortion. Called NFM they gave me a claim number for warranty and said to go to store to get a replacement- no need to bring in hdtv. Called store again and spoke to electronics sales they said come in and get replacement no need to bring in old hdtv. Went into store and sales said "thought we had seen the last of those lemons" no $199 hdtv available- so cheapest is $499. NFM sales said the warranty will pay $199. and put this on NFM card no interest 24 mo. Sales said the $199 warranty should have been $19.99 for electronics under $300- said to ask Care for credit. Went to NFM care with receipt for $499 hdtv and $69-3 year warranty. NFM care said we need old hdtv to exercize warranty. NFM care said they cannot credit $199 warranty however current is $19.99 for electronics less than $300. No hdtv for less than $300 available so we are SOL. NFM care said we cannot put $499 hdtv on NFM credit card because the warranty is paying for a portion. Asked NFM care why we should do this they said"because it is tax free". NFM care got store manager approval to exercize warranty without old hdtv. Hooked up $499 (Samsung slim fit) hdtv and had same distortion problem, checked cable and found coax seperated from fitting- replaced and set worked fine. Some channels had no sound reset SAP and sound restored. As a matter of fact the Smartvision was not fried after all- just a bad cableconection. Got a new better hdtv however we will never shop at NFM again:eyecrazy .

05-24-2007, 09:14 PM
I'm constantly amazed how often I see a post where someone is trying to buy what should be the entertainment jewel of thier home for next to nothing?????? you will most likely get what you pay for :what: ..:eyecrazy..:banghead:

06-29-2008, 08:33 AM
I have a Smartvision U2728M that was givin to me. We solved the power problem, but now we have these very large horizontal lines that run through the screen. We can access the menu (brightness/contrast) yet these lines remain. We may have used a larger thermester than what is called for solving the power issues, but I am wondering if this larger thermester may be causing the lines.

Does anyone have the schematic for this set as maybe I can find the right parts as opposed to taking parts from other sets ...

I realize this is a bit desperate as I can't find a whole lot of online info for this model or smartvision in general.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me !!!

-- Achilles

08-16-2008, 11:27 AM
i've never heard or seen of Smartvision, but the replies here are going to keep me from ever looking at one.

09-06-2008, 07:01 PM
Rule of thumb you get what you pay for. If its from a mysterious brand beware, extremely cheap run for your life. Save for something high quality you will save yourself some headaches in the end. Trust me

10-23-2008, 04:59 PM
I have a couple of these sets in my shop, was wondering could you tell me what thermistor your refering too, would greatly appreciate the info.


12-21-2008, 02:03 PM
I have a couple of these sets in my shop, was wondering could you tell me what thermistor your refering too, would greatly appreciate the info.


I haven't looked back here for months because I thought maybe this thread was dead. I will look into the size of the thermester we used to solve our power problem, however we now have these therrible horizontal lines that can't be adjusted out.

I have also heard that the mainboards on this set our similar to the toshiba or maybe smartvision used the toshiba mainboard. Either way I am still digging for any and all information I can find on this particular set.

04-20-2009, 07:15 AM
Did you have any luck finding a solution? I have the same set and is doing the same thing

10-18-2009, 01:15 PM

I bought the set used about a year ago. The seller labeled it as a Sony Smartvision tv. Never trust a used seller from Craigslist. I've had no problems with the picture quality, but today is the first time it quit playing. The power indicator light would just rapidly flash from blue to yellow and back again. I believe that I am hearing that no tv repair shop is going to be able to correct this problem. I have sent an email to the smartvision link in the first blog. I will blog again if they give a reply.


04-11-2010, 02:47 PM
I have had this set for at least three years with no problems at all. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. A couple of times the set did the same thing with the flashing light. I just unplugged it for a few minutes and plugged it back in to reset it. Still operates fine for me! Now the only problem I have is that I have to get a new remote for DirectTV box and I can't get a code to program into the new remote. Does anyone know the old code? Thanks!