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D* Customer Service

02-28-2006, 04:24 PM
This from an industry-type email newsletter. Whatever somebody might be getting paid at D* to be their "top customer-care executive" is way too much...:

DirecTV: Internally Motivated

DirecTV customers who need service help are increasingly likely to turn to a self-care option or, if they pick up the telephone and call for a critical problem, to talk to a DirecTV employee rather than an outsourced provider.

Those are two results of a new approach to customer care that's designed to foster retention-rate improvements and higher overall satisfaction, according to the company's top customer-care executive.

Addressing securities analysts at a Feb. 22 presentation in New York City, DirecTV Group president of sales and service John Suranyi said the satellite provider wants to "own" the critical moments of customer contact that often spell the difference between disconnects and continued patronage. Among DirecTV's 2006 goals:

Handle 95% of retention-related calls through internal company agents working at DirecTV's owned-and-operated call centers.

Handle 50% of technical calls from customers internally.

Improve the percentage of incoming calls answered within 30 seconds to 85%, from the 2005 year-end average of 72%.

Those targets are consistent with a two-year drive to funnel "critical" calls away from third-party outsource providers and to DirecTV's own employees at owned-and-operated call centers. About 30% of the 10 million calls DirecTV fields each month now go to the owned and operated centers, with the remainder mostly "routine" calls and seasonally related calls going to outsourced providers. Within that outsourced segment itself, Suranyi said DirecTV wants to drive more of its outsourced call handling to providers in the Philippines and in Monterey, Mexico, that cost an average of 45% less than domestic providers.