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HDTV blocky bright colors

02-26-2006, 11:17 PM
I am trying to determine if there is a problem with my Toshiba 34HF85 or if it is just me. I have had the TV for about 6 months and have been happy with it, until I purchased my HD digital cable box. When watching HDTV, the bright colors are exeptionally bright, and always blocky, not smooth gradients. When there is any movement, like in sports, it is hard to watch because of the blocky mess - particularily for reds. Meanwhile, the cool colors appear perfectly sharp and crisp.
I did not have any of this with my DVD player (Sony NS575P in 480P mode) which had a beautiful picture, until I upgraded it to the Toshiba SD6980 for DVD-Audio support. It is connected via HDMI and outputs 1080i mode, but now the bright colors on look just as bad on DVD as on my cable HDTV! If I turn it down to 480P mode it actually looks much better :confused: ! Any ideas as to the nature of the problem?

02-27-2006, 11:24 AM
I'm looking into this myself on My 2-year old Toshiba 30HF83. As soon as I hooked it up via HDMI to a DVD player, I immediately noticed the same thing--posterization of colors (in this case on intense red/orange), yet for two years it looked great using the component video inputs. I switched it back to component and was able to detect it when looking very carefully, but it was blatantly obvious using HDMI.

I'm thinking it might be a number of possibilties:

1) The HDMI interface might be *too* good and it's showing up problems in the source material, such as bad MPEG2 compression.

2) The screen preset (color, tint, contrast) may need to be adjusted differently for best picture using HDMI.

3) The Toshiba may be doing a bad job.

The thing is, on 480i using component video, the picture is outstanding...

02-27-2006, 02:05 PM
2) The screen preset (color, tint, contrast) may need to be adjusted differently for best picture using HDMI.I'm fairly sure this is the reason.

It's not a big problem in my opinion because the root of the problem is still the MPEG2 compression used in DVDs and digital cable broadcasts. So even if you see the blocks of color it is the source's fault, and not your TVs. If your TV is color calibrated correctly probably it will be less obvious but it is still not really it's fault in my opinion.

On the Toshiba 30HF85s I had, in the service menus there were lots of different adjustments for color. And I think they varied with the input type as well. I didn't experiment with them too much though. Probably on HDMI the settings are off so you have to go into the service menu and fix them, although I don't know what the right settinsg are (there are lots, like 20 color variables, I dunno exactly the right way to manipulate them all). I'm still debating over if I like to watch in Cool or Standard, lol, so messing around in there is not something I need to do. :)

Color/Tint controls may have some effect but I think the root of the problem is those 20 color variables in the Service Menu that vary with the different inputs.