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Newbie looking for HDTV advice

02-22-2006, 08:59 PM
Newbie looking for HDTV advice
Hi all

I currently have a HT setup with a 4:3 Toshiba 36" CRT (no HDTV) and primarily watch network sports/shows and DVD. Sit about 8' from the TV right now

Want to make the leap to HDTV and wanted suggestions on which way to go subject to some constraints.

1 Ideally would buy a 1080p set but given they have just come out prices are still a bit much.

2. Want to stay in the $1k or lower range (ok with buying refurbed or open box or on online stores if reputable).

3. Size wize obviously bigger the better but am realistic, don't think would do RPTV with CRT due to size and weight.

4. Will be using OTA to get network channels and also watch DVD's, most likely won't go satellite/cable as watch typically an hour of TV or so a day.

5. Think I can get 30" or thereabouts CRT refurbed Philips/Sony etc for around $500 delivered.

6. Think some smaller DLP or maybe LCD RPTV can be had for about $1k if buying from costco or open box (is this right). (say 42" to maybe 50")

7. Want to buy something a bit cheaper now and then upgrade to a 1080p when they drop below the "magic" (for me $1k price point) and when 1080p DVD players are in the mass market.

Any suggestions on above.



02-22-2006, 09:54 PM
With a $1k max budget, you'll be limited to CRT direct views in 30" or 34" sizes. RPTVs at that price will probably have to be open-box items. Don't think you'll find a new RPTV for that price.

02-22-2006, 11:07 PM
6. Think some smaller DLP or maybe LCD RPTV can be had for about $1k if buying from costco or open box (is this right). (say 42" to maybe 50")

Go to all the online stores and you will not find an open box 42" or 50" hdtv for $1k (even refurbed). And the 1080p sets will never drop that low in my opinion. If you are only watching an hour of tv/day you might be better off getting a good flat panel CRT. An HDTV in that price range will only bring you headaches. For $1k you'll more than likely be getting an older model that was manufactured with nagging flaws like screen door and rainbow effects, pixellation issues. (issues that have just recently been resolved for the most part in the new models.) The picture will most likely be underwhelming especially in non HD channels. You'll spend days longing to have your old TV back! Wait until you save another $1k and get yourself at least a 720p. Or get yourself some Excedrin Migraine! Good Luck!! :hithere:
Jayc :cool: