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Lg Lda-511

02-21-2006, 02:13 PM
Just a word of warning to all.

About 6 months ago I bought an LG LDA-511 DVD player at Best Buy, paid about $140. Put it in my stack of components under my VCR. Almost immediately began to notice that DVDs would stop or skip during play. Didn't matter what DVDs either, brand new or movies from Netflix. So I began making sure any DVDs I used were clean before putting them in. Sometimes this made a difference, sometimes it did not.

Yes, at this point I should have taken it back to Best Buy and bought something different. But for some reason I did not, thought the problem would stop.

I decided to move the player to the top of my component stack to make sure that the problem wasn't any weight from the VCR on top of it. This really made no difference at all.

I checked the DVDs that had problems with the other players in my house and never saw any skipping or stopping at all. Finally, today I called the 800 number on the player and spoke to LG customer service and was told they will pay to ship the unit back to them and send me a new one. So hopefully I just got a bad unit and the new one won't behave the same way.

Just an FYI for everyone.