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Should this setup work?

02-20-2006, 06:43 PM
since I'm getting a HDTV CRT, I guess this is as good place as any to post.

Ok, so my HDTV is en route via Eagle Carriers and hopefully it will show up any day now. I have an idea how I "want" my setup to be, but thought I would ask the experts their opinions.

Here's what I got
Widescreen HDTV (with tuner built in)
Scientific America 8000HD cable box
Go Video DVD-R/VCR Combo
(haven't got a surround system yet, but soon)

1) S-Video cable and standard analog cables from 8000HD to GO Video for DVD recording.
2) YPbPr cable from 8000HD to HDTV for High Def (and SD) TV.
3) Standard Analog Cables from 8000HD to HDTV for sound.
4) YPbPr cable from Go Video to HDTV for Progressive Scan DVD.

would this setup work? My only concern is both the YPbPr and S-Video both working simultaneously from the 8000HD. If not, how else would I hook up for DVD recording without getting another cable box.