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Samsung TXR3079WHX/XAA Problems Please Advise

02-13-2006, 06:43 AM

I'm new to the high def forums and I am needing some help in determining what type of problem I am having with my Samsung HDTV set. This set is actually the second one I've owned as I returned the first set back to Best Buy thinking it was fluke and exchanged it for the same type and now I am having the same problems again. Luckly I purchased the 4 year proctection service plan and can have the problem fixed.

During watch movies, standard cable, and over the air hd signals, sometimes these red, green, and blue patterns appear in the right side of the tube when certain shades of black are viewed. Here is a link of some pictures I took when watching "The Day After Tomorrow". What is the technical term for this problem and is it repairable. I'm calling Best Buy later this week to see about getting a technician.


Thanks for your help in advance.