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Samsung HLM437W color wheel replacement

02-08-2006, 03:37 PM
My Samsung HLM437W has the now common "shreiking color wheel" problem. A very competent tech has tried two replacement units and neither will "fire the light bulb" (his term). The wheel runs and tries three times, then quits. He put the old wheel back in twice and it works, so he knows how to connect everything. Samsung confirmed that he is using the right part (BP96 00250A). I noticed on another forum that this is an "air bearing" color wheel and replaces the original part (BN6400092A). Is this part change the problem? What can the tech do to make the new part work? Any suggestions from this thread would be appreciated. He is proposing to change out the motherboard at a steep cost. It is hard to believe that Samsung would spec a part that doesn't work unless the motherboard is replaced. Any advice is appreciated.