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need a center speaker 5 1/4" high max

02-05-2006, 04:16 PM
im looking for a real good center channel speaker that fits on the shelf of my entertainment center but i only have 5 1/4"H of space over all to put a center channel. the width i have on my shelf is 27 1/2" and the depth is 18". im gonna base my front speakers according to my center channel. im willing to pay up to 1k for a center. then im gonna put 2 bookshelves up front. willing to pay 1500. for 2 bookshelves, ill pay alittle more if i have to. i want to keep the same brand of speakers all the way around. except my powered sub its a velodyne spl1200r. any suggestions im all eyes. :yippee:

02-06-2006, 02:53 PM
I think that is going to limit you considerably. Now, you can get a center channel of that size which will match some good speakers, but those speakers probably wonít come close to the quality and sound of whichever really good $1500 bookshelf speakers youíre getting. Generally the more $ you spend, the speaker will inherently get larger because of larger midrange drivers, larger cabinet for better sound/resonance, etcÖ They do this to make it sound more like the other fronts. That pricepoint is generally past the normal/lower priced HT ccís and the ďgimmickyĒ small speaker types, which youíre smart enough to stay away from anyway.
An idea: Can you put speaker on top of entertainment center, angled downwards? This is not ideal, but may be better than getting inferior speakers.
I have the Boston Acoustics CRC7 and itís exactly 5 ľĒ tall. I wouldnít recommend it though because of lobing issues with the MTM horizontal design. Also it wouldnít go well with any really good $1500 main speakers. BA has some really good bookshelf speakers, though, so that might be an idea. I think Def Techís Mythos series has a center that thin, but I think you sacrifice too much at that price with this system.
There are higher-end speaker brands, B&W, KEF, Paradigm, DynAudio, and others which recognize the serious lobing problem and have addressed it in their center channels. I assume these are some of the bookshelf speakers youíre looking at for that $, but I donít think any of them have centers that small. FWIW at your price range, the Paradigm Studio 20ís or the DynAudio Audience 42ís are about the best speakers Iíve heard.
If you have absolutely no other place to put a center channel, and you canít just get the same bookshelf as the mains for cc, you may try running a phantom cc. My initial reaction to this thought is that I donít like it (Iíve only heard 1 set of M&Kís run this way, which I did like BTW), but some people much smarter than I swear that itís far superior than having anything other than same speaker for cc as mains (because of timbre matching, lobing, etcÖ). Apparently the key is to have really good quality main speakers, which youíll have. Do a google search on running a phantom cc.
You will probably be disappointed if you let form dictate function in your carefully crafted and costly HT setup. But, hey, we all have to make compromisesÖI did and Iím still pretty happy (of course Iím about to start the process of upgradingÖ).

02-06-2006, 05:20 PM
very good points. i thought about the difinitive mythos 3 and there small center chanel at 5 7/16h i think i can get it inside my entertainment channel im just going to have to remove a shelf put in the center chanel raise it up put the shelf back and drop it in. 3/16" of an inch is going to be blocked. i wonder if that'll make a difference in sound quality. Or i can go with the mythos 7 thats only 4 1/8" high. but i havent heard any of these. i heard good things about them in magazines but havent had a chance to hear them yet.
if i remove the shelf where my hr10250 is i'll have 10" of space for a center. i bet i can get a center channel thats a whole lot better for the money.

02-06-2006, 06:39 PM
Let me preface this by saying Iím a big DefTech fan. I like their towers and bookshelf and have a supercube sub, which, although their specs and ratings arenít accurate, is quite fulfilling for my current setup. I really don't want to bash any products, but for the money those Mythos series speakers aren't close to the sound you can get. They are a lifestyle speaker, which by definition has compromises in the sound. However, I understand the visual appeal...but Bose cube speakers has visual appeal as well and I highly doubt you'd consider getting any of those.
Further, even with the largest of their towers, in the manual it says to set the crossover at 100 Hz. Itís because they use 4Ē drivers which canít accurately handle anything that low. You do have a good sub which can probably handle a signal up to 100Hz without sounding too bad, but itís not ideal and youíll probably want it somewhere around 60-80Hz.
Of the lifestyles Iíve heard, these and the Martin Logan Fresco series are probably the best of the lot, so if you have to at least you know youíre getting one the best of what they are. If youíre wondering, the ML cc is large and odd shaped so isnít an option for you.
One thing that popped into my head is the M&K I think it was the K Series (?) that had a smaller cc. I almost bought the THX 5.1 system when I bought my Bostonís and also saw these (but didnít really listen to them). Iím pretty sure the cc was small. I am at work and canít get to the site to confirm, but if you can listen to those.

02-06-2006, 06:40 PM
if i remove the shelf where my hr10250 is i'll have 10" of space for a center. i bet i can get a center channel thats a whole lot better for the money.
Oops, I didn't see this before posting above.

Hell ya! 10" is plenty of space for a great cc and might get you close to be able to fit the same bookshelf.

Which bookshelf speakers have you thought about. Have you demo-ed any yet?

02-07-2006, 12:14 AM
I have mythos system hooked up with denon receiver. I have SONY tv stand which has the same space limitation for center speaker. Mythos seven will fit in perfect. i bought mythos three earlier it could fit in the bottom cabinet and would not look good so i returned it and got mythos three. I am very satisfied with the quality of sound, I had infinity alpha system before the mid range was a bit better because of 5 1/4 " drivers but it did not look sophisticated as mythos do, mythos are good compromise between sound and size and they look very cool (from my wife perspective a big factor). If I have a setup in basement i would go for tower speakers as front and bookshelf for surround and big subwoofer i could get, but for familiy room speakers are considered as intruder to the decor and has to go with decor that is why Bose are so popular (even they are worse in sound quality). For years big name speakers manufacturers resisted making satellite/sub system, now looking at popularity of surround systems and HDTV there are so many good systems out there to choose. Definitive tech mythos, paradigm cenima series Energy Take and so many more are good systems to audition before making decision.

02-07-2006, 05:51 PM
ive heard the b&w bookshelves i didnt get to see the model # on them. and ive heard some monster bookshelves at fry's they had a theatre room and they sounded great. both of these speakers are made with kevlar and all the sales people claim that its the best for the money. they both sounded great but im still undecided on which way im gonna go.
As far as the center channel any recomendation on a cc under 1k thats no more than 10"h x 27" 1/2w x18"d. if the wife allows it im gonna fill that gap with a cc. im open to suggestion and ill try really hard to track it down and listen to it. i have a super busy schedule so i cant go out and listen to speakers as often as id like to. as far as bookshelves any rec's on 2 bookshelves to acompany the center.

02-07-2006, 06:06 PM
You've already received a lot of recommendations in the various threads you've started. Go with one of them. Just in this thread alone you've been recommended deftech mythos, paradigm, dynaudio, m&k. Since you'll have up to 10" of space for a cc, you'll have plenty of options. Don't chose a setup based on the cc, chose a cc (if you can't do same as mains) based on your mains.

If you want a hard recommendation again, here it is: Paradigm Studio 20's or DynAudio Audience 42. I don't think you can find better speakers for your price. Both will put you at around $800/pair. 'Nuff said.

02-07-2006, 06:09 PM
i have a super busy schedule so i cant go out and listen to speakers as often as id like to.

Don't we all...where are you? I'm sure the forum members will help find a place to demo good speakers so you can just pop in, hear what we're saying and it's a done deal.

02-07-2006, 07:28 PM
Sorry if i sound like a broken record i just wanted to get as much input before i drop some serious coin. my bad. your still the man camdogg i wish i could have as much knowledge as you do in this feild, i wouldve been done long time ago. i know its something as simple as what sounds good and preference to the individuals ear but i just want to make sure im gonna get the most bang for my buck. i really appreciate all the input youve givin me. keep spreading the good word!!! :bowdown:

02-10-2006, 09:15 AM
While I appreciate the kudos, I'm not deserving of them. There are many people on this forum who know much more than I, especially from a technical standpoint. I just know what sounds and looks good to me. I'm very analytical and approach things from a rational, common sense point of view. I often do comparisons just to make sure what I think I'm experiencing, I really am. And I've done tons of research on speakers lately as I'm having a new home built with approval from wife for makeshift HT room (losing the "makeshift" description when the kids are a little older).
The biggest things I've learned I've expressed to you because it will sound better and save you $ in the long run. I wish I would have been given the same advice. I can't recommend enough, though, that once you've found time, go to a place with the type of speakers you want and listen to them. Take something you're very familiar with. Since you're about 50/50 HT and music, take both audio CD and DVD. If the DVD is hooked up to a TV, try not to watch it...close your eyes if you have to as to not be influenced. Then go with whichever one sounds best and fits your other criteria (WAF, $, size, etc...).

03-11-2006, 11:57 PM
im looking for a real good center channel speaker that fits on the shelf of my entertainment center but i only have 5 1/4"H of space over all to put a center channel. the width i have on my shelf is 27 1/2" and the depth is 18".
If you haven't decided on anything yet maybe the Infinity TSS-Center4000 would work for you.
22-15/16"W x 4-1/4"H x 4-9/16"D

03-12-2006, 07:43 AM
I'm currently reasearching these Canadian made speakers with their Ominpolar technology, which really creates a omni-directional sound feild, they are really impressive for both Theater and Audio use. They are available for audition at any BestBuy that houses a Magnolia store within I was really suprised at the sound quality of these speaker and their asthetic design. But they can be had for much better prices at other sources. ( Disregard the link that the Mirage Omnistat takes you to but go to the Mirage web site for a much more informative site.)

03-21-2006, 11:15 AM
Another poster already indicated you should adivise your location to make recommendations more sensible.

There is a whole other world of speaker choices that has not been mentioned, custom and or DIY. I won't mention any brands or builders as it may be considered a potential violation of forum rules. There are definitely items in your price range that should really impress you. 5 1/4 inch total cabinet height is very restrictive for drivers capable of authoritative reproduction. 5 inch could be built, but 6 inches would be more reasonable and keep the builder sane.

10 inch total width, or height in the horizontal position would be very easy to find / have built.


- James