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HDMI Question

02-04-2006, 11:49 AM
Tell me if I'm wrong.I have the directv H10-250 dvr.It's my second one.Anyway I have used 5 counting 2 today HDMI cables.If I change the format to 720p or1080i the screen is distorted after about 10 minutes.I have 57 SONY hd ready widescreen tv.I always beleived if the inputs on the tv set are bad you get a blank screen(normally).The component connection is fine in 720p or 1080i,but I already invested the money in the HDMI cable plus I want the best connection possible.Directv sent me another receiver they said they had problems with that connection.If I get another that's 3.Your opinion as a professional the tv or satellite equipment? :confused:

It probably is not the TiVo, it is your TV. There are many installations where the TiVo works fine. Of course the situation exists for each mfgr. to blame the other.

We always hook up the component cables and stereo audio even if the customer wishes to use DVI or HDMI. The reason is many TVs do not support the HDCP as they should. We have found this to be true with many lower priced TVs especially where you have to turn on the TV before the receiver or DVD player. This is unacceptable operation for a TiVo DVR that needs to be left on all of the time.

We warn our customers that the DVI/HDMI connection may or may not work for them and the manufacturers are not very helpful to make it work, so the component cables are there should they want to watch HD instead of fighting with their digital connections. We also tell them it is the fault of the equipment manufacturer and not ours as we didn't make the equipment, but if they want us to try to solve the problems, we give them our hourly rate.

Fortunately, in most cases the DVI/HDMI works more than it doesn't and when it does not work, the professional calibration of the component inputs will restore those inputs to the same quality picture as the digital input. That's what I don't understand is why so many sets have the factory settings on the component inputs so far out of calibration. I guess the figure the B&Ms will use component inputs, so they have them set for showroom mode.

None of that answers the question as to why the equipment can't talk to each other. The only thing I have to offer on that front is a mfgr. has limited resources to test their equipment, but most find it unreasonable to acquire one each of every piece of equipment that may be connected to their equipment.

Way back in the 70s, we used to have timing problems trying to interconnect computers in the early days. Programmers would use "timing loops" for setting the timeouts. Timeout being the amount of time you wait for a reply before you give up. Timing loops would put the processor in a loop doing an operation, like checking for a new byte received, for so many times that would equate to a time period. If 500 checks amounted to 100 milliseconds, for example, the assumption could be made that a new byte was not going to be received. The problem that would come up is the same software would be used in another processor that might be slower or faster. In the case of faster, the operation would be timed out too soon causing intermittent communication failures. As the technology improved, it was realized the timeouts needed to be based on internal real time clocks so that milleseconds could be counted rather that number of operations, and once the clock components and clock drivers were added, much of the communication problems began to disappear.

Why go into all of that? That is the stage it seems HDCP software is in today and because of that there are connection problems. Mostly JMO.

02-04-2006, 12:59 PM
Thanks,the Directv rep assumed it was the dvr and sent me another 1. :cool:

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