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ToshibaCN36X81 Glows

02-03-2006, 11:20 PM
Got this unit a couple of years ago at a great price from Toshiba via UBID before digital broadcasts were available in my area. I immediately noticed that the white and black were awefully intense-the white images on a football or golf telecast appeared as glowing blobs and dark items were basically black blobs. Colors were intense. So, Toshiba sends "their best guy in the area"...an older professor-type gent and his 20-something weightlifter son. "Thats high definition on an analog feed...we got a hold of a bunch of these sets and we can't get em installed fast enough in the clubs and bars-see em great thru the smoke, even from a distance". So, we turned down the brightness & contrast and enjoyed a washed out bigscreen that was as good as the other older big-screens at the time.

Now we get tired of rising cable fees and get a satellite system. WOW...try to turn down the settings now...that baby stilll shows glowing images with brightness and contrast at ZERO.

And there are no authorized Toshiba service centers or techs within about 100 miles of me (I live in Pennsylvania's third or fourth largest city located right in the middle of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo) and the 4 nearest me don't travel that far. Professor Opportunity & Son are not on any of Toshiba's service or dealer lists either.

So, the Toshiba support team thinks I'm in "torch mode" and they gave me the tech support number used by their authorized service personnel in case the unauthorized service tech I am to get (at my expense) needs some help. Can't find a sole interested in "touching that one" and (surprise-surprise) access to the wealth of Toshiba authorized knowledge requires an authorized service technician identification number.

Anybody out there willing and able to guide me on how to put out the torch or whatever ??? If not, you're all invited to my place during the super bowl to help me get this unit out of my house...maybe we can do a super bowl pool with the winner getting the flaming 36.
Hmmm, at $5 a square.....