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Just got my HDTV and I have some general trouble-shooting questions...

01-26-2006, 02:45 PM
Hurray, I just got my brand new Toshiba 30HF85 yesterday. After tinkering with EVERYTHING all night long it looks pretty good, but I'm still striving to improve my image so I have some questions:

Does anyone else (not necessarily only with Toshiba HDTVs, but any tube HDTVs) have problems with their connection cables? My super-cheap composite and S-Video cables are no longer doing their job. They used to on my old crappy 20" regular TV, but on this TV they interfere badly with each other and introduce all sorts of interference phenomena (traveling diagonal lines of various angles, slight ghosting, etc). Is this due to my HDTV revealing these phenomena better due to it being a better TV, or is something actually somewhat inferior on these Toshibas?

I've been able to minimize the effects of interference to near zero by spending all night trying all possible combinations of cable hookups and moving my wires around (changing where wires cross, trying to avoid self-inductive loops, etc) but I'm gonna have to go out and buy some HEAVY DUTY S-Video/composite video cables at some point.....I'm just wondering if any other users encountered this problem too when first switching to a higher quality TV.

Also, in the end I found that the Video 3 composite inputs on the front of the TV are worthless, which leaves me with only 2 composite inputs in the rear which is not enough and sucks. The ones on the front invariably introduce terrible inferference...Video 3 is the most vulnerable and I can't seem to get around this no matter what path my cables take. I did buy a set of decent quality component cables for my cheap $60 Progressive Scan Samsung DVD player and was looking forward to high quality component video progressive scan DVD material, but it turns out this cheap-ass player sucks in progressive mode and can't put out an acceptable image (combs like mad). Oh well, maybe it's time to get a DVD player that is better, I want to be able to play DVD-Audio/SACDs too at some point anyway... Fortunately my TV saved me for now because I just send it an interlaced DVD S-Video input and let it do the de-interlacing, which it does perfectly.

One last Toshiba-specific question...is there any way to get the gray bars on the sides of my screen in the normal 4:3 mode to be black instead of gray?