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Please Help with Toshiba 42" RPTV

01-26-2006, 07:35 AM
I have a Toshiba 42H82 RPTV, which looked great for the 1st year .
It's 15 months old now.
A month or so ago, it suffered some type of "event", because there was a sudden noticeable loss of picture quality and brilliance, accompanied by a pink tint and a strange look when the content is dark. The red looks almost outlined as in an almost negative image look, the best way I can describe it is...do you remember your 1st computer with the crappy graphics card that would make any image look terrible? Well, watching a dark movie, there are many moments where that analogy comes to mind.
I have a 4 year performance warrantee from Best Buy, so they have been sending people out to work on it...3 so far.
Here's where my question comes in...The 1st guy they sent, I had a serious doubts about his competence.
1) When confronted with the issues that I've described, should he have been messing with the high voltage adjustment?
He told me to increase the brightness of the screen, he "cranked the high voltage as much as he dares".
That set off alarm bells in my head.
I work in electrical engineering and it seems he just "masked" the problem and his solution will bring about an early demise to my set.
Also, everything seems a little "washed-out" since then.
Although his solution was only slightly effective. It did increase brilliance, but the underlying picture problems still remain.
2) Is there a factory setting for this "high voltage" control, which I can have returned to it's original setting. So the real problems can be addressed?

Thanks guys,