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Aspect Ratio Problems on Sony KD-30XS955

01-12-2006, 09:36 PM
I recently bought the Sony 30" KD-30XS955 CRT and love it, but I have one minor issue with it. (This is a bit long, but I want to explain everything so that people can figure it out.)

I have the tv set to "Normal" meaning it doesn't adjust aspect ratios of material, it just displays it. So 16:9 is 16:9 and 4:3 is 4:3. I have it hooked up to my Sony DVD player through component video cables and the DVD player is set to Widescreen.

I dropped in Pirates of the Caribbean and when the THX logo popped up, I was suprised to see that the right side of the blue box around the THX logo was cut off.

Having played around with a few other TVs service menus, I figured it'd be a simple enough task to fix the problem. I went to the 16:9 test screen on the THX optimizer on the Pirates DVD so that I would have a decent box to figure out how to adjust the screen. I used the hpos and hsiz settings to get the box to fit perfectly. Everything seemed fine.

I switched over to watch tv later and the 4:3 picture wasn't in the center of the screen; it was shifted to the left. Most likely to the same amount I shifted the screen when changing the hpos setting. Oh well, no big deal, so there's an extra half inch or so black on one side; I rarely watch TV in 4:3, I usually just stretch it to widescreen. I paid for those inches, I'm gonna use them :) When the image is stretched, it's edge to edge.

Now on to the real problem. When I have a non-progressive or non-HD signal going into the tv through the inputs, if the tv is stretching the image to widescreen ("Full" as the tv calls it), there's about a half to one inch black bar on the right side. Again, most likely the same amount I shifted the screen when changing the hpos setting. If I use some of the tv's zoom features, I can almost get rid of the black bar, but I lose some of the top and bottom of the image so it's not a perfect solution. I've tested it with composite, S-video, and component; they all do the same thing. Using my PS2 hooked up with component video cables, I tried a game that runs in both standard and progressive. Standard gives me the black bar on the right side, and progressive gives me edge to edge picture, so it's ONLY when the source is standard that there's a problem.

So my questions are:
1. Why was the tv shifted so far to the right to begin with? Just bad manufacturing?
2. Can I independently adjust the hpos setting for progressive/HD sources and standard sources? (I've read that there are different settings for each type of input, but that won't 100% solve my problem as the PS2 is hooked up to component, but not everything runs in progressive/HD, so the settings would have to be for standard vs. progressive.)

Any ideas/help would be great. I've already learned a lot from this forum!