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High Def Connection to Philips 64PH9905

01-07-2006, 08:23 AM
I have a Philips 64PH9905 television that I want to feed high definition DirecTV into. The TV has five BNC type connectors in the back in an area marked "HD COMPONENT VIDEO IN". The five connectors are marked 'B/Pb', 'G/Y', 'R/Pr', 'V' and 'H/H+V'. The HD video that I am trying to feed into the TV is standard component video with a red, green and blue output. I have seen cables that have component video at one end and BNC type connectors at the other. My question is, can I feed the red/green/blue HD component video into the three of five BNC connectors on that back of the TV marked 'B/Pb" (for blue), 'G/Y' (for green), and 'R/Pr' (for red) and not use the two marked 'v' and H/H+V' ? Regarding the V and H/H+V connections, the manual states: "H/H+V (for combined horizontal/vertical sync signals) or V(ertical) sync inputs control the display of a RBG sourced picture in the left-to-right dimension and from top to bottom" If I can't use the red blue and green inputs and ignore the H/H+V and V, is there another way to feed HD component video (R/G/B) into the HD COMPONENT VIDEO IN on this TV? The HD DirecTV box also has an S-Video out, and the TV does have two S-Video inputs, but I was under the impression that HD could not be feed over S-Video, and I am not sure if the TV can display High Definition fed into the S-Video. The TV also has an input area marked DVD VIDEO INPUT that has connectors marked 'Pb', 'Y' and 'Pr' but I am not sure if this input is High Definition. Does anyone know If I can feed HD R/B/G into the DVD VIDEO INPUT connectors? Thanks in advance for your help. I tried calling Philips but they told me that since the TV was out of warranty, they could not help me unless I paid for support, and then said it was unlikely that they could even find documendation on this TV.

01-07-2006, 09:02 AM
It creates confusion.....

01-07-2006, 02:39 PM
Yes, that input is configurable to accept either YPrPb or RGBHV... I think you need to make a menu setting in the TV to select, check your manual.