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Advice on UN-installing DISH for TWC

01-06-2006, 10:44 AM
I am about to have TWC installed next week to switch from DISH. 3 main reasons:

1) through TWC I can get all local HD without dealing with an antenna (though I just read DISH's HD release)

2) 2 HD DVRs for a low monthly fee

3) standard local in DIGITAL (one of my friends told me our local SD channels are uploaded to DISH as analog then converted to digit, which makes since because ABC looks terrible).

I can get this all for the same monthly price for 18 months (~$65). It then goes up about $18-20. TWC said they will give me $50 for each piece of equipment. I have 2 -- the dish and the distribution box (the CSR didn't seem to care what constituted as "equipment"). The receivers are leased. Is there ANY reason to keep the 1 year old dish? If ever I wanted to switch back (not likely in the next 18 months) would DISH offer a new (and possibly improved) dish with the install?

Now I need to figure out how to rewire the spaghetti mess the DISH installer created in the basement! Thanks for your help.

01-06-2006, 07:51 PM
Keep the Dish on your roof or wherever you have it...and let Dish Network know that you want to freeze your account.Then what happens is ..Dish Network WILL bill you $5.00 a month for the freezing your account charge.And if or when you decide to have Dish Network activated again..you can call them on the phone and they will turn your channels back on and you will get the channels you had when you stopped your account.
If you take down your Dish Network Dishes...you will have to pay atleast $99.00 for each new Dish to be installed and a charge for the Satelite Dish or Dishes itself if and when you get Dish Network again.