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Newbie in need of HD knowledge....

12-30-2005, 04:16 PM
I've asked this question at a few different smaller forums and never really got any answers, then I discovered this forum earlyer today and it's awesome. To better understand my question, I will say I do not have HD cable, I have digital Dish network. I also am really mainly looking at a new tv for my Xbox 360. I want to get the most out of the gaming, and when I play PGR3 or Kameo on my standard tv the picture is dark, grany and way to hard to make out. Movies, etc are also in there and I heard 720p would be good for progressive scan dvd players? Anyway to the questions...

So really I have a question about which is the better buy I am looking at two sets. Keep in mind I'm poor and 500 is about as much as I can afford. I'm on an extremly limited budget so I'm looking for more of a best bang for the buck. The first set is the Insignia IS-TVHD30, from best buy. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7279198&type=product&id=1118839462408

I know a lot of people are not tickled with the brand, but the insignia looked very clear and nice in person. Although the website doesn't say this, according to best buys info in store, it says it supports 720p and 1080i... For 499 is that really possible? Does that mean that both are native resolutions of this set, or that it can be scaled to both from something, or what? It bothers me because this brand has no website, and the online data doesn't show anything about supporting both resoltutions (or any at all) but the store does. (THe store also says it has HDTV-Bult in, where as the online website says HD-READY). Whats the deal with that?

The other set I'm looking at is the Sanyo HT28745, for the same price roughly. Except i get a 10 percent discount so it ends up being more like 450. It says it supports 1080i, and has both analog formats built in. I know this is another cheapo brand, but I admit I was impressed with the quality of the images at least for what was at wal-mart. It was 2 inches smaller than the insignia, but the picture seemed slightly better, but not sure if it's worth it if the other one really supports both 720p and 1080i.. Would this sanyo set be able to handle an upscaling of 720p to 1080i for my xbox 360?


My last question is, which set is the better buy? If it's true that the Insignia supports 720p and 1080i, wouldn't that be the better buy? Or is that even possible? Or what? It just seems like these are the only two options for my area in So Cal, that are under the 500 mark.

Thanks for the time!


12-31-2005, 10:55 PM
OK my take on them is the sanyo up converts all incoming to 1080 the other has 720 also that for some scources may be better. The sanyo also has a tuner in side , that is not a very good plus as sat tuners have them built in, cable has locals anyway, but if you choose niether a HD tuner is a good thing. It's usually better to go with out and spend the tuner money on up grading your choice, and that is the Tv at BB. that has a bigger screen size. For your intended pupose, go with the Insignia unless one of the other posters has a better deal for you. Just get some more input .