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Phillips 30pw911 87 Days of Usage Report

12-24-2005, 03:29 AM
I bought this tv when my girl and I were used to watching my 20" mono pos. I only bought it because I got a decent deal on it. Now that I've gotten into the HD scene I'm kicking myself more and more. For instance. There isn't a way to watch pip on two regular(non digital) channels. Nor can you play video games and watch regular tv. You can only do one standard and one digital. There isn't a sound output of any kind on the back of the tv to hook up to a stereo. The instructions that came with the box are severely LACKING. The remote doesn't work with anything else we have (dvd, vhs, etc.) <--- Or I just can't get it to anyways. At this point I have till January 3rd to return this thing to Walmart. The only plus on the unit is that we do receive 7 or 8 HD channels on straight out of the wall cable(no box). So now the question is do I return the tv and splurge mega for something better? My girl wants a bigger tv but loves the widescreen. She addicted to my buddies 55" sony a10 but I'm trying to turn her toward the 50" sony sxrd or perhaps one of the other newer 1080p viewers. What should I do??? Is it worth taking a 3k plunge? And if so do I buy it online for 1k cheaper or go to a BB or CC or Hifi Buys and pick it up??? Lost in Atlanta, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help.


12-24-2005, 10:11 AM
You can probably find your manual on the Philips website... rather than use the TV remote to control other devices, how about training the other remotes to operate your TV?

If you DO exchange it, stick with widescreen... You wouldn't necessarily have to jump all the way to $3K & 55"... LCD based tabletop RPTVs, or DLPs, can be had for around $2K for 42" - 46" sets. Flat panel LCDs in that size range will cost $3K.