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CNET publishes power comsumption test

12-19-2005, 10:15 AM

Amazing on just how many 'PowerHogs' there are. Look especially under the 'standby' collumn. Thats' when the set is suppose to be OFF !

I seriously question their current rattings. I have measured four different sets, one of which is listed here and my findings are far greater than theirs. I question using a clamp-on amp meter that really is designed to measure 14 guage and larger single wire current loads in the 5-30 amp range as opposed to using using a 'lamp cord'. :confused:

What I did was to use a DVM (Beckman 330, $250 at the time), a 'patch' cable assembly (16 guage) modified with bannana plugs in the center, a plug on one end and a jack on the other. I also have another DVM (newer, but less expensive, $100) that I confirmed the readings with and also I have that "Kill-A-Watt" plug in meter;


The Mits draws .6 amp when 'off' and 2.5 amp when on. Mits admitted it draws around 70 watts when off. This contradicts CNETs' measurement of 40 watts off and 235 watts when on.