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I am so so confused

12-16-2005, 12:59 AM
Please bear with me on this one....I am new to HDTV. I just bought a Samsung HP-R5012 Plasma 50". Today I got hooked up to Direct TV, the HD-10 receiver, and the HD package. After spending all this money, I am disappointed in the picture quality; it's not as sharp (little fuzzy) as my old 27". I thought I could get help after reading the posts on this forum, but now I am more confused than ever!!! I'm not sure how the Direct TV tech hooked everything up....the problem with that, somehow? Also, what is HDMI? What should the resolution be? and if this is as great as the picture is going to be, then why the hoopla about HDTV? Hopefully there is something I can do to improve the picture? I appreciate any help. Thanks.

12-16-2005, 02:08 AM
IWhen I got me hooked up the guy insisted on using an s-video.I was like what the @^$# you talking about.Anyway I used the cheap HDMI cable that was provided.I couldn't set the box to 720 or 1080 my screen would flicker.Anyway I called the manufacturer of my tv.
1.I was told to check all connections and if everything was correct try component video if this works I have a bad HDMI cable/connection.If your wondering hd locals normally broadcast primetime and most sporting events hd.
2.Tune to HDnet,hd movies or universal one of them channels,because the majority if not all of their programming is hd.
3.Check the manual on your tv the picture settings might have to be adjusted.(normal,zoom,full,etc..)